True Wilderness

There is an element of the unexpected -- the thrill of being in a place where nature leads us, and not the other way around. When we put ourselves in nature’s hands we forget our daily routines and live our days filled with wonder.

There is vastness- knowing that if we set your sights high enough, push beyond the edges of your map, we can travel to a place no one has every been, and see things no living person has ever imagined.

There is majesty -- the thrill of humility that comes from standing amidst something larger than ourselves.

It may be that there are as many definitions of wilderness as there are living souls who long to explore it. But it may be that every one of us can agree on this:

True wilderness changes us.

It gets under our skin. It reminds us that there is something larger than the sliver of the world we see every day. It refreshes us, recharges us. And nothing is ever the same again.

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