Hello and THANK YOU for taking the time to read through all of this. We fly new places on every trip. No matter where you want to go, we strive to provide a quality service and look forward to your questions and comments!

Let's all get on the same page here -
For starters, what DOES "wilderness" mean?

The WILD foundation says that:

Wilderness or wildland is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by human activity.” It may also be defined as: "—those last truly wild places that humans do not control and have not developed with roads, pipelines or other industrial infrastructure."

Those experienced with Alaska Mountaineering know this truly is a wilderness area.
 And the bottom line is that the wilderness is unpredictable.

   You'll see some classic photos on this site reminiscent of the "old days" mixed with the beauties of the recent years. We've shared this special place with many wonderful friends through the past four decades and the one thing that remains the same is: The wilderness is unpredictable. We live our lives and operate our business adhering to that rule.

    If you want set flight schedules, basecamp managers and weather web cams then we might point you in the direction of Denali National Park or even Everest…  While none of those things are bad, and can certainly be attributed to saving lives and furthering athletic achievements, they simply don’t exist in this wild land.

Keep that in mind.


Alaska Mountaineering? We recommend the following-

Carry a Sat. Phone

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your situation will change quickly, but hey, the technology is there and the weight is minimal and your girlfriend will appreciate it.

Keep in mind that if you call for a rescue where we can’t land (due to wx or terrain) a rescue helo’s minimum response time to the Wrangells is 12 hours… Even with the technology, you are on your own for real. 

Overestimate Your Emergency Food Supply
How many days can you really stretch 1 bag of ramen? 10 day storms that make flying impossible really do happen.

Predict that the Weather WILL BE Unpredictable
Expect conditions will change hourly, quicker in most cases.

If its blue bird on your pick-up day - You are stoked.

Prepare Physically AND Mentally for Your Venture

This is big, wild country. There are no safety nets. It’s the real deal out here.

Prepare the Home Front for Your Venture
It's a good idea to help your loved ones understand the wilderness concept as well. Let them know that no news is most often good news and that a lot of times even your fancy communication and location devices will malfunction. We'll certianly fly out on a requested check up mission, but you might want to avoid that flight charge by making sure everyone at home understands the "worry date" ahead of time.

We can provide the following-


  • Plastic touring sleds – FREE! (But bring your own rope/webbing)
  • Wands- $15 for a bundle of 25

(We’ll need to know ahead of time if you want any of these things.)

  • Parking for your vehicle at the Chitina runway
  • Camping space at the Chitina runway
  • Extensive knowledge of the area 

In Anchorage you buy and rent

White Gas - Fred Meyer or REI
Satalite Phone - Surveyers Exchange

Van Transportation from Anchorage to Chitina -

No wheels of your own? No problem. We can meet you at your hotel in Anchorage and deposit you on the runway in Chitina to meet the plane for an extra fee.


Meet the Plane in McCarthy for a Sweet Rate Discount!

If you can get yourself to this sleepy little mountain town, it means less flying time for us and you’ll see discounts up to $200 off the usual flight charges. The journey itself will be quite the adventure. Click here to read the pros and cons.

Trip Planning-

The National Park websites have good information to help start or assit your expedition planning:
Alaska's Wrangell/St. Elias National Park Moutaineering page: Click Here

Canada's Kluane National Park Mountaineering page: Click Here
NOTE:  All climbing expeditions that enter Kluane National Park Reserve, Canada, must secure a permit in advance from the Superintendent, Kluane National Park Reserve, P.O. Box 5495, Haines Junction, YT, Canada Y0B 1L0.
Phone (867) 634-7208
For more info: CLICK HERE


The Ultima Thule Lodge-

Our primary residence is located 100 miles up the Chitina River, right in the heart of the Park. This is the flight base for our aircraft and the site of our wilderness adventure lodge. Occasionally it is necessary, due to weather, for groups to spend a night here at the beginning or end of their trip. Keep in mind that Ultima Thule Lodge is a separate entity from the air taxi. If you find yourself stranded here, no worries, we’ll make sure you have tent space or a bunk house (based on availability) and access to our wood fired sauna.

There’s no way to guarantee that you will or will not end up here.  Just a heads up.

Spring Skiing -

Check out this page for more info about our plane assisted ski adventures in Wrangell St. Elias. These trips include a package stay based at the Lodge! 


And now, for the Fine Print –

Gear Weight Limit-
125lbs per person.
Above that, if we can’t safely fit it in the plane, we’ll have to arrange for another flight for which you will be billed additionally.  *Sometimes there’s a little extra room but no guarantees!


Due in full at the time of booking. 

We accept cash, checks (from the US Only) or wire transfers and credit cards (3.5% service charge added)

Reservations are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Refunds are not available for cancelations. Contact us for rescheduling availability. 



Ultima Thule recommends that you purchase travel insurance immediately after paying for your flight. This special insurance may cover costs if you are unable to go on your trip due to personal emergency, personal or family medical reasons, or if a flight is canceled for reasons beyond Ultima Thules' control. It may also cover evacuation and medical expenses in the result of illness or injury. Ultima Thule is not responsible for costs associated with changes to your plans or schedualed flights, flights that cancel for reasons beyond Ultima Thules' control, and evacuations from the mountains. Check with your travel agent for more policies. We recommend Travel Guard »


Weather Affecting flights-  
Bad weather affecting your flight is always a possibility and totally beyond our control! The only guarantee is that the weather will be unpredictable.
We’ll do our best to get to you when the pilots determine that the conditions are safe to do so.When in the field you should check in with the lodge at 7:00 am on the morning your flight is due into the area with a current AND ACCURATE weather report. Continuous attempts to make it to you may result in additional flight charges. Weather delays are very possible, be properly provisioned.

Off Mountain Date-

We realize that changes to your scheduled off mountain date do occur in the field (if you get done early or just want out.) For our scheduling purposes your pick up is not our priority until your set out date unless it's an emergency. However you can notify us and we’ll do our best to get to you as soon as weather and scheduling allows. Also keep in mind there may be communication delays.

… Is limited at best. For reservations and information email works great. You can leave a message on our Anchorage based answering machine but we won’t get it immediately. From the field you can call the lodge with your sat phone. The phone here is also satellite based and we use it primarily for communication with climbers and emergencies; it is not a public number!

Assumption of Risk- 
The responsibility is yours and yours alone. By procuring our transportation services you acknowledge that there are risks and dangers inherent to the wilderness environment through which you are traveling and agree that you are doing so by your own decision. You also agree that Ultima Thule Outfitters, Inc. and any subsidiaries, cannot be held responsible for property damage or loss, bodily injury or death, disruptions to plan, delays or hardships incurred due to the weather, wilderness or circumstances beyond our control.

The wilderness in unpredictable. The responsibility is yours.







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There's no phone at Ultima Thule. But you can call our Anchorage message service

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