Ski descents in the Wrangell St. Elias are as endless as the hours of daylight in the abundant summer months.

At Ultima Thule, we've been flying and ski touring throughout the Wrangell, St. Elias, Chugiak and Alaska mountain ranges for over 40 years! Now we have created a plane assisted skiing adventure that's way beyond the beaten heli path. 

Riding in these big mountains you’ll discover there’s certainly something for everyone. At the end of cruising through a 12,000 vertical foot day, you’ll relish the cozy plane ride back to luxuries of our wilderness lodge. Your stamina will be rewarded each evening as you share stories over a gourmet Alaskan meal; and each morning, renewed, you'll find a new stash is out there waiting. 

Finally, you’ll understand what it means to be in the far far gnar gnar. 


Booking now for the 2014 season The lodge opens March 15th and the season is peaked through the end of April!

Ultima Thule Lodge
BASIC PACKAGE; 6 Night SKI AND STAY All-inclusive, no flight time restriction, begins at $6,500! Most packages begin on Sundays. Contact us for more details. Space is limited to 6-10 skiers/riders per week! It's always first tracks in the Wrangells.

Vist our cabins to see what's waiting for you at the lodge. Check out the new custom cedar sauna house - The greatest reward after a day in peaks (along with a cold beer)! Gourmet meals, feather beds, Northernlights over the bonfire. You'll find all this and more 100 miles from the end of the road - In the heart of Alaska's Mountain Kingdom.

Don't miss out! Contact us today for more info on these and other unique trips!
Different package options are available. Contact us with your questions and ideas. We specialize in custom trips and can facilitate your most epic Alaskan adventures!

March, April and May are the prime spring months, but there’s excellent skiing to be had year-round. 


The Jeremy Jones Ultima Thule AK Adventure Sweepstakes

Thank you to everyone who donted to POW and congratulations to the winner!

Protect Our Winters, the global climate change nonprofit and Alaska’s premier wilderness lodge, Ultima Thule, launched the Jeremy Jones Ultima Thule Adventure today, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for two to snowboard and adventure with pro snowboarder, Jeremy Jones in Alaska’s Wrangell/St. Elias mountains, hosted by the Ultima Thule Lodge.

The all inclusive, four-day package includes being able to snowboard with Jeremy Jones, the star of Further, the snowboard adventure epic currently in theaters. Jones filmed some of the segments near Ultima Thule in the Wrangells and called the mountain range the “steepest, most unexplored terrain he’s ever seen.”



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